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Building a social media enterprise in North Birmingham May 9, 2008

Posted by Kevin Rapley in Call for help, Social Enterprise.
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On Thursday 8th May, Stuart Parker and I (Kevin Rapley) met up at The Station in Sutton Coldfield to discuss some ideas that Stuart had on social media and how it could be used to create a social enterprise that will be centric to North Birmingham. The areas that were immediately in our thoughts are the Aston, Erdington, Castle Vale and possibly parts of Sutton Coldfield. Stuart is interested in targeting the unemployed and under privileged. Our goal is to teach these groups the benefits of social media and how it can be harnessed to give a voice to the community in a manner of different ways. Stuart brings with him a wealth of knowledge in adult IT teaching, including the unemployed, I will let him speak more about this.

As a web designer and developer, I am immersed in social media and building internet solutions on a daily basis. This blog will be used to document our development of a social enterprise for North Birmingham, including how we go about funding, developing a business plan, raising issues in the locale, growing the ideas and getting others involved in making this happen.

This is my first port of call. If you are passionate about building a stronger community in North Birmingham or are just interested in getting involved with what we are doing then we would love to hear from you. Stuart and I have got quite a task ahead of us with learning about the funding side, how to go about this and what the prerequisites are. Again, if you have any knowledge of building a social enterprise model we would be very interested in learning from you.

We hope that this blog will act not only as a diary of our progress, but also to increase awareness of our plans, recruit others that would like to get involved and also provide a resource for any other communities that wish to implement the social enterprise model in their area.



1. Lauren Evans - May 11, 2008

Hello there.

I am in the process of setting up an online magazine (based in South Brum) which will launch on the 1st June.

While our business probably couldn’t be called a true social enterprise, as we’re not built around our social objectives, we intend to operate as an ethical business and support projects that we consider valuable – we’d love to do a feature on you, and also possibly get involved with your projects too.. drop me a line?

I have also recently been involved with third sector funding application assessment, so may be able to offer services on that score too šŸ™‚



2. Kevin Rapley - May 11, 2008

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for dropping by. Getting coverage to raise awareness will certainly be on our list of things to get done. At this stage it would be of use to have an article written about what we are hoping to achieve. It would, I guess, be centred around this blog and the various other social media elements than will be employed over the coming weeks and months.

In the future, as the enterprise becomes established a report could be made on the social impacts of the enterprise. None the less a report on what we are immediately doing now, at this stage, will certainly be of huge benefit and would help us to acquire the skills that we need from various people to move this on.

Your magazine sounds fantastic and your support in any way with our projects will be greatfully received. As are your knowledge of third sector application assement. I do hope that you will try and join us for our meeting on 11 June. I will be in touch through email.

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