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Tentative titling July 16, 2008

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As we approach more organisations and have more meetings, there’s a reoccurring question that comes up. ” What’s the project called?” So far, each time I explain about NBSE, but now I have made a decision on a project name, for convenience in the first instance. So after a weekend of word juggling, the NBSE project will now be known as “We Share Stuff“. Alas, wesharestuff.com has been taken, but as the project isn’t really after that corporate bling frontage, wesharestuff.org has been secured as the first port of call for the web gubbins. Nothing there yet, but it’s a start to give us a bit of identity. Next up, logo time!

Hands up whose blog helps them learn? The Charity Commission thinks you’re wrong. June 10, 2008

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Nick Booth AKA Podnosh gets some debate going on a recent Charity Commissions report.

Informal Adult Learning consultation May 28, 2008

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The Dept. for Innovation, Universities & Skills (DIUS) are currently running a consultation regarding the way forward for informal adult learning. It’s been running from January so we’re a tad late on this but the consultation is open until June 12th so at least there’s time to have a look at the proposals and responses etc from the likes of NIACE.

Just a quick aside, no more posts from me now until after June 7th. The proposed NBSE meet is planned for the following week so we’ll pick things up again about then.

Wordcamp UK (Birmingham) May 21, 2008

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WordCamp UK is an informal gathering of WordPress bloggers, podcasters, designers and developers. There is to be an event in July based in Birmingham. As NBSE recognises that blogging has a somewhat prominenet place in our plans / project, we thought it would be a good platform for us and anybody else to discuss our aims and objectives within a specific blogging context. We have requested a slot at the event and will post more information as and when we have it.

As an aside, the wordcamp UK blog has been set up and run by one of the NBSE group members, Mark Steadman.